Health and Safety Plan

Ashhurst Model Fliers Incorporated





The River Flats Flying Field

December 21 2015



  1. Wallace (Secretary / Treasurer)
  2. Prins (President)
  3. Tarttelin (Vice President)
  4. Rule (Club captain)

Date: 21/12/2015



Ashhurst Model Fliers Incorporated conducts model aircraft flying activities at the Ashhurst Domain for club members and invited members of other clubs affiliated to Model Flying New Zealand.

Whilst flying model aircraft at this location does not constitute a public event, spectators are welcome to attend and observe.

Safety is of paramount importance in all of the flying conducted at this airfield.

Rules and Procedures

Rules governing the safe operation of radio controlled model aircraft at this location are listed in the following publications:

  1. CAA Regulations Part 101
  2. Model Flying New Zealand Members Manual
  3. This Club’s safety rules and guidelines

MFNZ have approved this site for the flying of all types of model aircraft in terms of the above listed publications.

Hazards and Risks

A Risk Assessment has been undertaken and a Register of Hazards established.  Both the severity of a risk and the frequency of the risk occurring are taken into account to give a final score by using the methodology recorded in MFNZ’s “Risk Assessment Procedure”.

Mitigation of identified risks is undertaken by a number of control methods to lower the final score to an acceptable level.

Should a serious accident occur, a post-accident audit will be conducted to capture any additional actions to make model flying at this site even safer.

Any queries regards this document should be directed to the Club’s President.

Proximity to Personnel

The approach adopted to ensure the safety of members, observers and nearby residents is one of lateral separation and flight direction limitations.  This is a similar approach to that taken when considering safety at aviation locations and events.  The logic is based on accepting a low risk of an aircraft accident, and following this occurrence, trying to ensure the aircraft is as far away from any people as possible.

The layout of the airfield and establishing safety lines makes best use of this approach.

First Aid

A comprehensive first aid kit is located on site and some members also carry their own first aid supplies.

Fire Hazard

Radio controlled model aircraft generally fall into four categories: –

Diesel, Methanol, Electrical and Petrol fueled Aircraft

These types of model aircraft have been flown internationally for several decades with a very low incidence of fire.

Electric Powered Aircraft

Electric aircraft are powered by Lithium Polymer batteries which may combust in the event of a crash or use of incorrect charging procedures. The fire is of a very short duration and risk of environmental damage is low.

Fire Mitigation

A commercial sized dry power fire extinguisher is located on site and is readily accessible to all club members. Electrical charging stations should be a stand a loan area that if fire develops fire damage is limited.